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Selena Gomez - Age, Instagram, personal life , Interesting fact 2019..

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez whose Age is 26,Born on 22 July,1992 at Grand Prairie Texas, USA  is a  Most popular American Singer, Actor And Social worker. His full name is Selena Marie Gomez., Which is named after the popular singer Tejano Selena Quintanilla Perez who died in 1995.She is very very beautiful girl like a angle and mature star since her childhood she has been very interested in acting and entrainment industry she even gave many Audition and even got selected in those and hence she came to be popularly known as the famous actress And Singer Selena Gomez in the year 2009 she became a UNICEF Good will Ambassador. Selena is a dog lover , she has six of them and all her pets  belong to different family there Names are Baylor ( husky ) ,Wallace ( boxer-shepard ), fina ( Rhodesian Rigeback mix) chazz ( puetro Rican breed ) chip ( Corgi mix).

Selena Gomez parent`s

Her parent’s got married to each other at very low age she was only five years old when her parent’s got divorced and she lived with her mother only .Selena’s mother Mandy Teefy is of Italian Ancestry when Selena was born her mother was only sixteen year old She has faced Many troubles in her Childhood life When her parent’s got divorced that was the real struggle for this little girl. Selena’s father left his family and got married to a other woman with whom he has a daughter also. His father was very happy with his new family and gave more attention and love to his daughter which he had with his new wife more the Selena .Gomez’s sister’s Name is Scarlett. 

Selena Gomez parent`s

Professional Career

Yes! She is very talented. Her talent cannot be questioned. the way plays her role no one can do better than her The question here is not just talent; she is the queen of talent since her childhood she had great Interest in dancing and comedy she used to practice the whole day to make herself better by every passing day Her mother makes her castings and here she his selected very low age of 7, for “Barney & Friends”, the show named “Barney And Friends” which came 2002. This show became very popular and people really like it too. But soon in 2004 Selena left the show. After that the show saw a drastic downfall and didn’t went well. 

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

After a few bit parts in movies making her big-screen debut in the family movie “Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over” the game, which takes place in a full 3D environment. she auditioned for the Disney Channel, which eventually led to a guest spot on the TV series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Selena`s career began when she was Nine years old when she became a part of this show she wore a purity Ring The Inscription on the ring read “ True Love Waits”

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

” Wizards of the Waverly place”

Then ,she got her own show in 2007 which was a great hit for a period of four years where she played the role of Alex Rusco in the famous Disney production ,”Wizards of the Waverly place ”. This was the show that basically brought Selena to kind of stardom. Her voice modulation and her confidence is brilliant. She chooses her tracks wisely, and she knows what kind of Acting will suit her. Well, you would be unbelievable to know that Selena lend her voice to Steve Carrell’s daughter in Horton Hears a Who but she never got to meet him. She was the voice of all 90 of the Mayor’s daughters in the movie. Superb Female Performance in a Comedy Television Series “Wizards of the Waverly place ”

” Wizards of the Waverly place”

13 Reasons why

 The TV series which she produced was "13 reasons why" which is based on bullies, depression, school period drama. She Presently is not just a actor or singer, she is the producer of the American famous show on Netflix called 13 reasons why this show grow very fast in whole world.
13 Reasons why

Selena Gomez Interesting Fact

Selena Gomez Interesting Fact

1.  Selena Marie Gomez Was Start watched  horror movies In  9 years old . the Favorite horror movie Genre.

2. Excellent Female Performance in a Comedy Television Series ” Wizards of the Waverly place ”

3. Selena Mother gave born to her at the age of 16

4. Selena marie Gomez Received a mickey mouse charm necklace as gift form Disney channel.

5. The Singer has seven Tattoos’ in his Body. This Time. 

6. Selena Marie Gomez Favorite Fruit is Mango. 

7. She is also the longest brand ambassador of the Unicef and Selena  Marie Gomez never leaves a chance to help people in need.


1. International Video Of The Year-Group ( 2012 ) Love You Like A Love Song.

2. Young Best Hollywood Awards, At The 2013 Gomez Won Two Awards. 

3. At the 2014 Teen Choice Awards , She Was Honored With Ultimate Choice Award. 

4. She Was Named Billboard Woman of The 2017.

Note: Selena Gomez Got Many Award In His Life

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